Thursday, April 01, 2010

Congratulations Lulu!!!!


I just found out (because I haven't been keeping up with friends as much as I should) that one of my dear friends (and fellow former blogger), Lu2 (aka "Mediagirl" or "Big Curls") got married.

I met Lulu through blogshere (as I have met many people): blessings.

Lu2 came to Kuwait several years ago and it wasn't her place. I think Kuwait made her miserable. (I remember that the very first time I met her, we were at a cafe and she sat down and cried. Lu, honey, it was probably your sign!) I just checked out her photo album and she looks content and gorgeous and happy. MASHALLAH.

As she told me back then, she came to Kuwait to become more centered and more spiritual. I think it was probably just a stepping stone on her Journey. Next, Jordan, where she started wearing hejab, and now she's living with her hubby in California. From what I hear (and strongly admire), Lulu's mother is a child of the world and I see how the same has happened to Lulu. They both hail from a line of strong, independant women who LIVE life.

Congratulations, Lulu, on your marriage and your new life. I know your other friends here in Kuwait wish you the same. I couldnt' be happier for you!

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Big Curls said...

Desert Girl,

On a whim I decided to visit your blog today and lo and behold, the timing couldn't have been better, or sweeter. I am truly touched by your blog entry and your kind words.

Yes, Kuwait most def was not the place for me, but as you said, it was the first step to where I am now;-)

I think of you fondly and recall with chuckles our times spent roaming around in your "The Bitch", and the fun day we had at my aunt's chalet with the gang.

Sending you love and happy warm thoughts all the way from Cali.