Sunday, March 09, 2008

F-ed up recruiting ads

Ads in Kuwait never cease to crack me up. Take, for example, this one in today's Arab Times. Note the "Preconditions" - "Must be good looking." I wonder why they don't include measurement specifications. Or maybe hair color? ...... Finance, investment, and banking seem to come in secondary, as they are not in bold. "Female" is mentioned 3 times.... one time it even got an asterik.

I always like the ads with no website and you are sending to or Murooj Holding is real estate, I believe.


tamasvarga67 said...

It could be a very serious company if they can only afford a hotmail address... :-)

Big Pearls said...

I would never apply for a company with this kind of ad! It doesn't even sound real!

Purgatory said...

Looks like a nice company to work in.

Desert Girl said...

Anytime they don't have a website, they become suspicious. It is also suspicious because they are looking for attractive women. If I was in the States, I would think escort service or strip club....

Now I am almost tempted to create a totally fake resume and download some hotchick's picture from the internet and send it to them... hmmm... maybe I will.... The name could be Barbie Tushman or something. Previous experience: lapdancer.

ammaro said...

oh lol... thats great.... im sure the company office is filled with beautiful people, then.

Jewaira said...

Tell us if you did send in the fake resume :p

SPAWN said...

Hello Desert girl

I am an American currently living in Belgium and after taking a break for a couple of years after retiring from the Army, I decided to pursue my line of work again and now I find myself going to Kuwait in April. I have researched the internet and beat the bushes for information on Kuwait and just like a previous blogger I found you’re your blog and I read one post and then I was hooked and I could not take my eyes away from your witty prose. I have been to Kuwait at least 3 separate occasions, as a soldier, so this will be my first time as a civilian and from reading your blog’s there is much I need to learn.

In reading your blog’s I am aware that you are not the Bank of Desert Girl, and I don’t require any money however, I would be interested in asking your advice on various topics while I am in country to ensure I don’t fall into the less than obvious traps and don’t become the proverbial ugly American. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I continue to read your blog’s and enjoy the trials and tribulations of Desert Girl, It’s like that old T.V. show Friends, but only better.

P.S. A man who would ask you to go into the bedroom for a massage has every intention of doing exactly that, with the hope that maybe through his skill or smooth talking he may somehow convince you that having a sexual interlude is in your very best interest . (Hope that helps)

Best Wishes,


Desert Girl said...

Jewaira - they MAY have received a resume from Trixie Tushman.... LOL

Hey Greg! Thanks for stopping by. Write to me anytime at and I'll try to help your transition into civilian life here.

Desert Girl said...

My "friend", Trixie Tushman, who sent in "her" resume - which included the phrases, "Lapdances for senior management upon request" and under education, "Carmen Electra's Strip Your Way to Weight Loss" distance learning course. The company wrote back within a day asking her to call immediately for an interview.... things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Trixie can be reached at for further comment.

Zoe said...

thats just a funny post. i enjoyed that. it reminded me what i read on the newspaper the other day about a female candidate promising that, if ever she gets elected, she will ban from hiring attractive maids.

just stumbled on to your blog as i was looking for oriental cuisine's number. i found it on another site but i continued reading your blog. i wanted to write about my travels too though i wouldnt be able to write them as eloquent. besides most of my experiences are too explicit to be blogged. nudge nudge wink wink!

take care and ill be reading on!