Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My feet are cold...

This isn't a post card. It is my uncle's back yard a few weeks ago. They have had so much snow and heating oil is so expensive that most of the people there in New Hampshire are heating their homes with wood. Having spent part of my youth in a house with 2 wood burning stoves and a fireplace, let me just tell you that its not fun. Ask me why I hate snow.... I hated running out to the back yard to bring wood in while there was 3 feet of snow on the ground.
It has been so cold here for the past few nights that I have grabbed Desert Dawg and retreated into my bedroom to snuggle up with my new fuzzy robe and matching socks to sleep through it. Yeah - perfect snuggling weather... with my DOG. How pathetic is that?
My bitchy girlfriends are all snuggled up with their "latest victims" (while I'm in bed with my dog). I can't even get them to go out for sushi. It sucks. I need new friends.
That's it! I'm putting on my Lucky Push-up Bra and going out in the cold alone.


Pinky said...

Good Luck Desert Girl. I think the phrase we use in the UK to describe this temp is Brass monkeys!!!!

ammaro said...

it is freezing. yesterday we had the coldest temperatures in bahrain for the past 19 years! :S

would you even need to put on the push up bra to find a 'victim' in kuwait? i would have thought the kuwaiti guys were easier!

Trevelyana said...

best have cold feet than have them warmed up by a stranger.. it just isn't the same.

Funny.. I just dropped/lugged my friend to her apartment with HER latest victim. I walked back to my place, put on some socks and put up the heat.

What can I say.. even feet have high standards.

P.S Love you rblog

Anonymous said...

It is snowing in the neighborhood(Iran and Iraq) so don't be surprised in case it snows here too!