Monday, January 14, 2008

Just a Picture of Salmiya, but....

I found this picture on
Why is it that this entire parking structure (large beige building) isn't being used/hasn't been used for the past 8+ years? This is in the middle of the overcrowded Salmiya shopping district. If someone, for example, offered valet parking in the old Souq Salmiya and then parked cars in this lot, someone would be making a shitload of money. Lazyass women like myself (and Slapperella) would use the valets instead of driving around looking for parking - especially during Eid. Or - they (whoever "they" are) could lease out the structure - perhaps to car dealerships or companies with fleet vehicles in the area (like Mediabox who has chosen to park all their small vans right around the corner on the street). 8 +/- years is a long time NOT to be collecting revenues. If this was in the US, somebody would be turning the car park into condos and making a killing.
I have heard that the entire Al-Salam complex (round green building) is for sale - to the tune of something like 36 million KD. Cha-ching.
Also wondering why the slums (bottom left corner of the photo) haven't been torn down? Drive by there sometime and see how humans are living in really horrible conditions. This place is in one of the most visible shopping areas in Kuwait surrounded by pretty new apartment buildings. WTF? The only good thing about the slums is that they are still home to some of the few remaining trees in the area (giving rest to the few remaining birds in the area....).


Mark said...

I asked about it before and the reason I got was that it wasn't profitable to keep it open so they closed it. Although its in a really busy area the majority of people who visit the area don't want to pay for parking. If they did want to pay for parking there is another parking lot right behind Al Ghanim which is located in a better spot and always has empty parking spots available.

The parking also needs major renovation since it hasn't been open for a very long time plus there is a huge ass hole on the roof.

Now the actual Al-Salam complex is going to get demolished soon, thats what I heard and thats why Al Diwaliyah went and opened up another branch near Marina Mall. Bossini recently renovated though so I don't know how accurate that story is.

Now the area behind the parking lot I have no clue why they haven't demolished, they are the oldest buildings in the area and they look it.

Now the interesting stuff is going on across the street from this. What I heard is the building that has CBK, Hardees, KFC, Tikka, Walleed, Alamiah etc.. is going to get demolished soon and the sheikh who bought the land also bought the land behind that building (they had really nice small villas back there before they got demolished) and also bought the old area in front of marina mall (kaysariyah) and bought the land behind that and some more land where Fay and Barakat used to be. Supposedly he is turning all that area which is a big chunk of old salmiya into a huge shopping mall.

Anonymous said...

Ha! the valet parking idea will surely mint money, but maybe the owner is lazy about it!

The expat services Kuwait website is awesome; espically for it's introduction paragraph-"Specifically for incoming expats, minimizing logistical hassle and emotional trauma is paramount in the first months in Kuwait, and will...."

nQ said...

I'm no engineering expert, but that building is about to collapse. so I'm guessing it aint safe for people to park in it. but i do agree that there should be some valet guy following us around wherever we go,.

momo said...

all of that will be demolished soon!

Desert Girl said...

Thanks Mark. I'm relatively clueless about all this and I live in the area.

The hariss' kids from those horrible old buildings used to come to my door to beg for money (if they are the hariss's kids from those slums, it is indicative of how truly poor they are).

I have heard grumblings about the CBK/Hardees/KFC strip being sold but I didn't know any more about it. This is all big news for me that I am sure that I will relate to all my DG diwaniya friends! :)

And gee - just what we need - more shopping malls in Kuwait!

Is kaysariyah the old souq shops on Salem Al-Mubarak St? I hate to see all the old stuff going. Kuwait is really losing its flavor fast, isn't it?

I have to move out of Salmiya someday, but I keep saying that I'll do it when it gets "really really bad".

Inanna: I am so spoiled living here that it isn't even funny anymore. My maid is on vacation and I think I am going to die soon without her. It is pathetic.

I went to the grocery store in Virginia and I was so pissed off because they didn't have valet and I couldn't find anywhere to park. Oh, oh - and get this - I had to PUMP my own gas!

I disgust myself.

Mark said...

You live in the Old Salmiya? Thats cool for some reason I figured you lived in Salwa.

I grew up on Salem al Mubarek so I don't think I would ever move out from it.

Desert Girl said...

Mark - I lived in Salwa Block 12 for 6 months when I first moved here in 96, and hated it because of traffic. My Frost Real Estate apartment was also horrible, so I moved to where I am now in Salmiya and haven't moved again since. I hate moving.

Baroon said...

I heard almost 6 month ago about that sell on old salmiyah and Huge shoping center(14 floor + Hotel+parking+cinama .etc ) and thats worry me. This is the area I lived since i was a child and with all the shopping centers in salmiyah it seems they are going to push ppl out of this area !! and we just can visit salmiyah for shopping ..etc not for actualy living in it !
what a shame

Unknown said...

hi guys, sorry i know this is a bit late to comment on this topic, but Mark & Desert girl, u guys live in Salmiya ? where exactly. cuz am no good with street names, am a yr and a half old in this country so plz excuse me, i live like 300 mtrs after apollo's hosp...opp Nathans/Subways/Charlie's etc

Anonymous said...

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