Monday, January 21, 2008

Beautiful Dog

There is a story someone/sometime relayed to me in the Quran about an old woman and a cat. The old woman has been pious and devout her whole life; praying and doing the right thing as per Islamic teachings. At some point, she has a pet cat which she kept in a cage and complacently does not feed. The cat slowly and torturously starves to death. On the woman’s judgment day, she is sent to Hell and asks why. She is told that regardless of how much she prayed, she didn’t show compassion and tortured an animal.

I recently went to a friend-of-a-friend’s chalet in Julaiaa. We got there early on one of the coldest nights I can remember in Kuwait, and there was a dog barking from the corner of the yard in a Kirby shed. It wasn’t a warning bark; it was more of a “Hey, I’m here and I’m lonely” distress bark. (As a fluent Dog speaker, I can differentiate between barks. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you’ll understand.) I went over and saw a magnificent German Shepherd – possibly just under a year old. He was in his pen all alone with only a dirt floor and no bedding. He immediately put his head to the side of the chain-link fence “window” so that I could pet him. I noted that there was drinking water in the pen, but no food.

The owner’s brother told me that the dog (he doesn't even know his name) had been left there for several weeks and he wasn’t sure when he had been fed. I asked him and if I could buy him (with the intention of re-homing him to a better environment). He has such an amazing personality and would easily find love with someone who really cares. The owner asked for an exorbitant amount for him; 500 kd, saying that he had bought the dog for 1,000; which I seriously doubt since they can’t afford to feed him.

I went back the following week and brought several blankets and bags of food for the dog. The owners had given him the equivalent of two drumsticks of chicken (I made them de-bone them because they didn't know any better) and pita bread. When they opened the gate to the pen, he ran out and tried to find food where they kept the garbage. I pet him and he was very thin.

I told the guy that whenever his mother tells him to go pray, he should think of that starving dog in the shed. What has happened to people’s compassion? Obviously, religion was created to teach the right way. Why do people claim religion if they are going to be cruel?

These people who supposedly “love dogs” and are “open minded” sure don’t get it, do they?

I’m good for 200 kd. If anyone wants to donate money to help me get this dog out of a miserable situation, please send me an e-mail at


Intlxpatr said...

I think it is hadith. Jesus also told us that we are to take care of the little ones. I don't think he meant children alone, I think he meant we are to take care of all the weaker, helpless ones. I fear for those who could neglectfully stave an animal like that. Bless you for your mercy to this poor animal.

f7ee7eely said...

YEAAAH AHHAsbolutely -- animal tortue is a hideous and a disgusting act -- I recall once watching a news report about how they maltreat Old and retired race Greyhounds on CBS or ABC-- Thanks for devine justice if they get away with it in this life they wont in the hereafter!

On a somewhat similar note

I am fascinated by Genuine Bedwins who raise Saluki's,hawks and what have you for sporting -- It contradicts every misperception people have about the false widespread abuse accusations to these sporting animals and pets at the same time. although there has been some isolated and small incidents

3ashaw desert girl:)

Q8Sultana said...


While I'm not Quran expert, I don't recall this story from when I read it. It sounds more like a Hadith.
I did a quick google search, and I found these on the matter:
(scroll down to animals)

Melissa K said...

Great blog, first time poster. I have a question, doesn't Kuwait have some sort of animal protection agency that you could call and they could forcibly remove the dog? It doesn't seem right that they get paid for starving the poor animal. Oh, maybe even you would know someone in law enforcement that could 'scare' them into giving you the dog. I just don't see how rewarding them with a payment would prevent them form going right out and getting another dod to starve, if only to turn a profit. Also, I've lived in the Middle East, and people seem to care a lot about their 'reputation' rather than-- in this instance-- the life of a poor animal. Maybe you could leverage this against them to give you the dog. Since no one would like having their name sullied as an abusive owner who can't afford to feed the pet that they cruelly keep just to make a exorbitant profit. It's not nice, but if it were to get you the dog, it seems justifiable. Just some ideas, do let us know what you decide to do and how it works out. Good luck,

Desert Girl said...

Thanks for all your amazing comments - and direct e-mails regarding this dog. There are compassionate people out there and it renews my faith in humankind.

PAWS is Kuwait's animal rescue organization. Unfortunately, there is little they can do. There are no laws in Kuwait that protect animal rights, unfortunately. If a dog is being beaten by its owner (for example), the law does nothing. I have contacted PAWS about this case and they advise not paying for the dog; that the owner will probably just run out and buy another dog.

Personally, I know that is right, but I just want him OUT of there. I have brought him enough food for about a month. I am going to see what happens and I will let you know.

f7ee7eely - Retired racing greyhounds still face a problem in the US. They are raced and then normally killed. They are wonderful dogs. There are quite a few greyhound rescue organizations in the States and dogs are up for adoption. To own one, they really must have room to run; or to be taken out and run somewhere.

I have a friend with a saluki rescue here in Kuwait. They are very similar to greyhounds.

Falcons may not be abused, but they're fed cute little birds (often ferris who make a noise similar to Gizmo in the movie, Gremlins). Falconers also release pigeons for the falons to fly down and attack. It isn't a pretty sight. [On a side note: Did you know that there are wild falcons in Kuwait?]

Think of it this way; if the animal COSTS a lot, it will be treated well. Falcons, salukis, horses are expensive because many win prizes or out-do others in competition...

f7ee7eely said...

I know of people who travel all the way to remote mountainous places in Mongolia for weeks and sometimes months to capture falcons -- So I assure you that if there are any falcons flying freely in Kuwaiti Air-Space, they wont be anytime soon:)

Fact -- Up until the early nineteen humdreds some Bedwins managed to tame the Arabian leopard and use it for hunting Gazelles.

Again I reiterate my thanx to you for your genuine concern for abused animals --

f7ee7eely said...

and btw I know of a friend who sold a thorough bred Saluki for 4000 kd -- the name Saluki originates from the Ancient Saluk town in Mesopotomia -- it is believed that the Assyrians and he Sassanyds valued these hounds and even made statues of them:

so if you are interested in breeding Salukis consider as a partner:P


Desert Girl said...

F7ee7eely - THANKS so much for the info. I get fascinated by that stuff! :)

I found a baby falcon once - which is how I came to know that there are wild falcons in Kuwait. It was an ironic/story because I was leaving the International Veterinary Hospital (IVH) after having my dog groomed. I was almost down their long driveway and looked over and saw a little falcon hopping along with an injured wing. I called the IVH people on my mobile phone and they sent down 2 guys to capture it. At first, I thought it was an escapee from their falcon ward (yes, they have one). It turned out that the little guy was pretty intelligent and just happened to find one place in Kuwait where he could get treatment! Of course, I seriously doubt that they set him free later.

G said...

Well first of all, they don't sell A Germen Shepherd for 1000 unless he is from a specific breed of A Germen Shepherd and if he is not feeding him or anything then this dog was bought for not more than 100kd so don't pay more than that. I know that you want to save him, but if he refused try to increase from 100 to 150. Well I wish you the best of luck on freeing him ^^

Shahi said...

I just ran across your blog today... very entertaining when I'm at work! hehe

Oh poor dog, tell me if there's anything I can do to help. I have a dog myself and love him so much! (even tho he's a littly naughty one!). You can call the Animal's Friends League, they're kinda like PAWS. See what they have to say. Oh can you tell me about the IVH? I'm dying to take my dog there but it's so freakin far.

You know whats really sad? when I go to the friday market to look for stuff for my dog, I see dogs there being sold. They're soo badly treated! and you find these annoying little kids walking by kicking them and stuff. They look like they never get washed or fed! More dogs :(

Desert Girl said...

Shahenda: Hi. What is your e-mail and I'll tell you all about IVH. Or write to me at

The Friday market is and has always been Hell on Earth for animals. Anyone who loves animals should never go there (unless you are looking for a lost dog, as many people steal dogs and sell them there). Distemper is rampant in Kuwait and most of the animals bought there will die anyways.

I was at the vets across the street from there this week. A guy brought in a tiny cage full of crammed-in puppies. Most of us in the waiting room yelled at him. I called PAWS, but there is little they can do. At least the bastard was having them looked at by a vet.

Mad White Woman said...

I accidently came upon your blog. I'm facing the same problem here. My friend's brother has a golden retreiver, and all of a sudden he grew tired of him. He keeps him on his leash attached to something for like 10 hours. He won't let anyone else feed him but himself only and sometimes he's too tired to feed him basically leaving him barking out or boredom and hunger for an hour non-stop. I tried talking to him but all I got was sarcasm in his tone. He's willing to sell him for 250 KD I think.

Oh and someone previously said that GSD's are only sold for 1000 if they come from a specific breed of A Germen Shepherd. If he really did buy a german shepherd for 1000 KD he wouldn't be treating him like that. He should be treating him like royalty believe me!

I know i'm 3 months late, but is there any progress?

Unknown said...

Hello Desert Girl. My name is John Peaveler, and I am the Rescue Coordinator for the Animal Friends League of Kuwait (

Please permit me to add a few comments to your discussion. First of all, if you can get the owner to surrender this dog, we will take it into our facility. Second, we also frown upon paying for these animals. For many people here, and elsewhere, animals simply represent a bottom line. If an animal can be exploited for gain, many people will not hesitate. Should such a transaction prove lucrative, our experience tells us that many people will repeat the procedure.

However, many people are willing to surrender to another person's compassion. If you show compassion to this animal by bringing it food and water, speaking politely but repetitively to the owner, and stopping to see the animal frequently, you may eventually be able to convince the owner to surrender the animal. Keep in mind that you will never convince this type of person by trying to make them feel guilty, period.

Many people are not aware that there is a law in Kuwait which prohibits the abuse of animals. While you will be hard-pressed to find a police officer who knows of the law or is willing to enforce it, you do have the option of suing this person. That is an option you should think about quite carefully before you consider it.

Lastly, to comment on your discovery of a baby falcon at IVH, I submit to you that the vast majority of animals discovered outside of IVH are abandoned by humans. The vet clinics in Kuwait are a dumping ground for unwanted pets--we have rescued hundreds of them. People assume that a vet hospital will obviously take care of animals because that is their job. Not so in Kuwait! IVH does not and will not house, medicate, or feed these animals, so they are forced to seek food in the near-by desert. The golf course across the street has about 50 dogs in it right now which we are struggling to find a solution for. Al-Dohama Vet Clinic does, however, take abandoned animals into their facility and hold them for the Animal Friends League of Kuwait.

Wild falcons do exist in Kuwait, but in minuscule numbers. Most of the falcons you see are domestic birds who escaped or were set loose for poor performance. Consider this: the wild camel is extinct world-wide. All camels alive right now are descendants of domestic camels. That is the ability of man to dominate a species, especially in a desert environment.

Thank-you for your time. All who read this, please consider us for your next pet, donation, or volunteer project.