Monday, January 04, 2016

Airport Limousine (or not)

I arrived back from DC in the wee hours of the morning (like 11am) when my friends would be asleep, so I decided to take a taxi back to the house.  This is the second time I've taken Eurocity Airport Limousine.  They are the white ones to the right as you exit the arrivals hall.  When you read/hear the word "limousine," you generally don't think Kia, but there it is - a fleet of little white Kias.  (Beep beep.)

I could turn to the left and take the Kuwaiti taxis.  They're the older cars driven by Kuwaiti guys - many retired with nothing better to do. I think that's cool. I've actually enjoyed listening to their stories on the way home.

But, I decided on "limousine" status.

Dude wanted 7KD to Mishref.  What?  That is actually more than I would pay in the States for a cab for the same distance.  I argued a little with the dispatch guy before he agreed on my 5KD offer as I started to walk to the left.

Airport "limousines" in Kuwait are the awarded recipients of airport contracts.  In the past, KGL was handling it.  I don't know where Eurocity came from (we're not in Europe, right?).  Now, I know these guys have to make money, but seriously - Kias?  They run on steam so you know the gas isn't costing them very much. And how much can wear and tear on a Kia be?  Really?  If I want to pay "limousine" prices, I really want a town car or similar.  (And dude should be wearing the little cap.)

Here is their published listing of prices (just so ya know).  It is in the seat pocket of every Eurocity cab at the airport.

To the left, to the left... all my suitcases will be headin to the left.


Anonymous said...

Try Taxis in Bahrain. renting a car would be cheaper than a 2 way taxi ride from airport to Manamah.


Expataussiegal said...

We always took the airport taxis home to Salmiyah, then Salwa in the five years we lived in Kuwait. Absolutely loved the speed of the ride home, and the stories shared. Always paid 7kd...well worth it usually after a long haul flight.