Sunday, February 01, 2015

Shops, cafes ordered to close by midnight – Municipality, MoI seek to combat rising crime

Arab Times
1 February 2015

KUWAIT: The municipality will enforce a Cabinet decision mandating all stores, restaurants, cafes, billiard halls and similar facilities to close by midnight. Municipal Director Ahmed Al-Subaih said that the municipality and the interior ministry have agreed to activate this decision in all areas - commercial, investment and residential - while shops in the industrial areas of Shuwaikh, Sharq, Ardiya, Sabhan and Fahaheel will have to close by 10:00 pm.

Speaking to the press after a meeting with the Interior Ministry's assistant undersecretary for public security affairs Maj Gen Abdul Fattah Al-Ali, Subaih said that the closing time on weekends (Thursdays and Fridays) and on official holidays would be 1:00 am. "Exceptions will only be made upon official permission from the interior ministry," he added.

Subaih noted that Ali was fully convinced of the need for such measures to maintain security in view of the growing number of crimes such as drug abuse, vehicle theft, shootings and others. Subaih added that the new timings would be circulated to all six governorates' municipal offices so that they could be put into practice.


Yes because as we all know, vehicle theft, shootings, and drug abuse happen most often at restaurants, cafes, stores, and billiard halls!  Rising crime never happens in residential neighborhoods or during peak shopping times at malls.

Rising crime in Kuwait has nothing to do with the desperation of the youth - many Bedoon/stateless - with little or no other ways to support themselves than by crime.  

Rising crime has nothing at all to do with the price of meth vs. a bottle of alcohol.  Nope. 

2 February update

Backtracking.  I love backtracking.  Not our fault....   Tongues  were waggin over this decision, so the decision to close restaurants after midnight is now "baseless."  

The word "Study" as defined in Kuwait:  Never going to happen.


UK Yankee said...

...billiard halls???

UnSuperMom said...

The only reason they came up with that stupid law is so people don't gather. What is the government scared of?????? :)

Under_The_Mo0on said...

What is more funny is the fact that the only place which will opened in the Airport... And you know the problem of exceeding it's capacity ! Wrote about that today in sala6a blog check it out :-)

Desert Girl said...

UK Yank - Yes. Billiard halls.

UnSuperMom - They're afraid of gatherings. Like at demonstrations, CAMPS, and the talk is that they're going to try to limit the number of people who can gather at diwaniyas. Hmmmmmmmm....