Thursday, February 12, 2015

Death For Kuwaiti Policeman For Kidnapping And Raping A Filipina

This might be one public hanging worthy of attending....

Death For Kuwaiti Policeman For Kidnapping And Raping A Filipina
Arab Times

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 11: The Court of Appeals upheld ruling of the Court of First Instance that sentenced a Lance Corporal in the General Traffic Department to death for kidnapping and raping a Filipina, and attempting to kill her later.

According to the plaintiff’s counsel, Attorney Sultan Al-Tawalah, although the court has done the right thing to punish the defendant who perpetrated crime against his client, he will also demand for civil compensation. Case files indicate that the officer was on duty when he stopped two Filipinas for verification of their civil ID cards.

This led to the discovery that one of them violated the residence and labor laws since her residency had expired. He ordered her into the police car and the taxi driver, who was conveying the women, disclosed that he was asked to drive away with her companion, saying, “Move away quickly!” This information was contained in the testimony of the taxi driver.

The officer then drove the woman to a desert area in Mishref where he raped her despite strong resistance from the woman, prompting the officer to stab her in the neck.

The woman pretended to be dead, so the officer fled immediately when blood started gushing out and she looked unconscious.

As he was entering the car, he discovered that the woman was alive, so he returned to intensify the stabbing in the neck, back and chest, and then hid her under a huge mound of sand to become a prey for stray dogs. When the investigation started after his arrest, the officer claimed to be psychologically unstable but the medical report indicated otherwise.


I'm glad to see that there is equal justice under the law being enforced in Kuwait.  This crime was so heinous and revolting. To him, she was nothing more than a piece of meat.

"Serve and protect." not "kidnap, rape, stab, go back and stab some more."  Why don't they publish his name???  


Snow Lep said...

Cos he will subsequently be pardoned !

Anonymous said...

I'm from Kuwait I know there is crimes but publishing that police officer's names is disrespect to whole police force and his family will live with shame,pain and suffering it's better
They didn't published the name

Desert Girl said...

I respect your opinion, but I disagree. I think they should not only publish names, but photos. Shame people into stopping the violence - regardless of nationality.

Desert Girl said...

Name and shame