Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lion Kills Housemaid in Home

Kuwait Times:

KUWAIT: A Filipina maid was attacked, bitten and parts of her eaten by a lion kept at home by a citizen, who was taken in for questioning. The woman was reportedly attacked a few days earlier by the wild animal, illegally kept as a pet, and was taken to the hospital. She was treated and released, but later died as a result of her injuries. Another person, thought to be the driver of the household, was feeding the lion when it reportedly escaped and attacked the maid. The lion was among several wild animals at the house, said security sources, adding that the man was refusing to hand over the animals to the zoo. Keeping wild animals including lions, tiger cubs, cheetahs and other exotic pets has grown in popularity in Kuwait and is often used by young men as a tool for ‘flirting’. There have been numerous reports of sightings of lions or other dangerous wild cats in Kuwaiti residential areas within the last year


The blame ultimately goes to the lawmakers who still allow wild animals to be kept in Kuwait. To those who don't enforce the law.  And along the way - the owner of the animal.  someone needs to go to prison.

The mentality here is that the woman is "just a maid". Sad sad sad.  A human who was the daughter, wife, sister mother of someone.  Until one of these wild animals actually kills a Kuwaiti child, no law enforcement will take place.


Anonymous said...

A few months ago my son and husband were walking around the neighborhood and they saw some type of wild cat just sitting on the sidewalk. I think it was a bobcat..

Anonymous said...

A few postings ago you wrote about an organization called 'K-Path' which you stated is the only official animal shelter in Kuwait. Are they involved in lobbying for legislation to protect animals? Understandably, wild animals should not be kept as pets and government officials must 'implement' a ban on wild animal ownership, as well as, the animal trafficking that is going on in Kuwait - they must ban the import of wild animals. Sharjah just implemented legislation where owners of wild animals were given a grace period to turn in their wild animals, after that they will be hit with a hefty fine. Sharjah authorities, although does have a wild life sancturary built there, is working with overseas zoos to place these animals. Kuwait could work with the UAE in placing these animals with them. Bottom-line the blood of the tragic case is on the hands of the Kuwait authorities.

Anonymous said...

There is a ban on keeping lions as pets.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear what happened after this? The owner, trying to get rid of the evidence, took the lion and the pregnant lioness. Killed them and burned the bodies.

Karen Stefanini said...

Due to habitat loss and being hated by locals often poisoned and burned alive to cheering of crowds as well as poaching for body parts for Asians, lack of prey in the wild and the list goes on the future of these big cats (tigers lions and others) is in sanctuaries or in the homes of wealthy big cat lovers who provide them is lots of TLC and long healthy lives.