Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Met Oprah... almost

(Photo Credit:  Q8 All In One Blog)

I rode back on a flight to the States with Caroline Hodge, the Oprah impersonator who gained so much attention, innocently shopping at The Avenues.  Ms. Hodge is a flight attendant and also works as a look-alike.  I asked her if she was at The Avenues Mall the other day.  She kind of rolled her eyes and said, "Were you there?"  I said, "No, but I read about it on the internet."  She later stopped by and I asked her how it was.  She said, "Well, I get paid to be an impersonator, but these people were like Oh My God."  She didn't elaborate, leading to my own speculation as to weather or not she was mobbed or asked for too many autographs or what.  I was flying Xanax Air and fell back into my coma right after our brief exchange.  I should have asked for more details.  Really nice lady.

I don't even remember much about my conversation with my really handsome flight attendant friend, Ghassan.  (You know I had to be out of it!)  Such a nice guy. (Did I mention that he was totally good looking too?)

No one else on the plane seemed to remark that they were being served by Oprah; even though her name tag said, "Oprah" on it.  Maybe people were being polite?  Maybe they thought there were hidden cameras somewhere and we were all about to be surprised with new cars?  Dunno.   THAT would have been cool.

Merry Christmas, Oprah Hodge.  It was lovely to have had the pleasure of your acquaintance.


If Oprah WINFREY reads this, here is my wish:  Would you kindly open a school for Bedoun children in Kuwait?  Bedoun means that they have no nationality. There are roughly 100,000 Bedoun people in Kuwait.   Kuwait doesn't recognize them of citizens and many can not enter school or get educations because they have no documentation.  Thank you.


sala6a said...

Lol which airlines does she work for ?

Desert Girl said...

Sala6a - I intentionally didn't include the airline out of respect to her privacy. :)

sala6a said...

Hehe Ok.. You also mentioned Xanax. I just learnt about that from a doctor prescribing this to me to help in the "Fear of flight" issue I have :-/

Anonymous said...

I saw her on Christmas day at airport feel pity on her. all the girls were behind her for touching and autograph and she literally run away from them.

Anonymous said...

I was on the flight she worked to KWI. I've seen her in all the air carrier's major hubs but never worked with her until that day. Ironic how much of a resemblance she bears, isn't it?

Subarna Malakar said...

For some reason i feel connected to you, n i literally don't know why? I have actually started reading your blogs since yesterday and today on this post i really felt happy to see your request for Bedouns to oprah. Infact i was happy to see you considering Bedouns where no one else gives a f***. I feel they are the one unluckiest people of Kuwait. Though they have potential, willingness and thrive to learn, to work, they are tied up. And no one cares about them. No one gives them any good opportunity to grow and i feel really sad. I just hope one day they get what they deserve.