Friday, May 11, 2012

On the River Walk in San Antonio

I'm down here for the GSA convention with Stella.  It is baGORGEOUS.  Everything is green and we're right on the river walk.  My older sister lives here, so my younger sister flew down with me (she in the front of the plane and me in the back - not that it was a tremendous difference because it was such a small plane).  We're all hangin together; them drinking wine (as usual) and me with my tequila.  Go figure - they get sloshed and I don't, as much as I try. 

Why is it that my sisters are of the belief that "adults don't do tequila shots in the morning?"  Emmm.... I don't get that and I certainly don't adhere to the philosophy.  "Hair of the dog that bit you" usually helps me immensely.  Like just this morning, when I had the DT shakes.... one good throw-down of Jose and bada BING:  all gone.

Oh, back to my fassssscinating stories (do all my stories revolve around alcohol these days???  Apparently so.  Je ne giveashit pas.)

There were several couples of Middle-Eastern people on the plane.  I guess the guys are either students or down here training at one of the air force bases.  I struck up a conversation in Arabic with a very nice young Saudi couple (in Arabic) while I waited for my gy-normous Pepto-pink suitcase (it embarrasses the bejezus out of my sister).  A lot of the older cowboys turned around to stare - not at the Saudi couple, but more likely trying to figure me out.  How is it that I'm speaking Arabic?  Imagine that.

Stella is at the hotel and I haven't seen her yet.  I think we're going to meet for happy hour this evening.  Her daughters are meeting her here for the weekend also.  (Yes, we ARE here to do business.  Really.  Honest.) 

This trip is so much fun already.

Today, we had lunch at a restaurant on the River Walk called "Boudro's".  Awesome place.  They make their own guacamole at your table (which is hard when it is packed with fat people and ducks).  I was about to order a margarita... but I just couldn't do it and be in the sun.  I love the River Walk.  It is so pretty.  There are flowers and the river is full of duck couples with leeetle baby ducklings.  (Why does my mind immediately head towards duck pate?  So wrong.)  There are live oak trees hanging over the water and everything is so green.

I just can't get used to any form of humidity after living so long in Kuwait in dry heat.  Down here, my hair looks like the before shot of some make-over show.  It is awful.  I don't have any choice than to let it go natural, but what a mess.  I'm getting another Copola keratin treatment at Arden as soon as I get to DC.  Enough of this crap.

The beds at the Westin are great and I've been sleeping really well - except for last night when I had a bad dream (okay it wasn't scary or so bad, but the feeling was bad) about The Man last night. I never dream about him.  However - I can always hear him thinking of me and he has been doing a lot of that lately.  (Yep, that's right - I hear you.  Why do you have to go all telepathy when it is so much easier just to pick up a phone than to send me an ESP message.  I hear you and  you can stop sending me the messages.   but I'm angry as phuck at you for what you did, so you owe me in a huge way.  You're talking to other people about how guilty you feel - and she agrees with me, I'm sure - when you should be expending your energy on saying it to ME. And guess what:  There IS no such thing as "I'll make it up to you."  I'm NOT that girl.  Stay OUT of my extremely-comfortable-Westin-5-star-bed sleep!)

So then, after the convention, it is going to be back to DC where I will spend a few more days in the company of my moms (crabs!!!  Yummm), and shopping - just to ensure that I leave the states with like zero fils left in my KFH bank account. 

So far, only 3 pairs of shoes.  One pair doesn't count, however, as they are flip-flops (chanclettas) which everybody knows are just "foot covering" in the WWW of shoes.

Ok, it is 2:00.  Time to get off here and start drinking again, Texas-style.  Wooo hooo.

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