Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The day I'm returning to Kuwait

So I'm at my mom's house on Lake Thoreau, looking out at the water through her front window.  A pontoon boat is floating by.  It has an enormous American flag flying off the back, a fat white, shirtless guy at the helm and it is trailing what appears to be a dinghy.   But why?  It is a pontoon boat.  It doesn't need a dinghy.  The lake isn't that big and it isn't as if they are going to go down in a big storm.  Then, I notice the big dog at the end of the pontoon boat, wearing a life jacket, staring at the dinghy.  It is only then that I realize that there is another dog - a bulldog - also wearing a life jacket, being pulled in the dinghy.  He appears to be lovin life with his head over the side, staring at the world floating by.  The larger dog is the life guard/spotter.

... God, I am going to miss this place.  You don't see this kind of entertainment from my window in Rumaithiya.  No sireee.

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American Girl said...

Oh my that sounds amazing! You write it so well I can visualize it. I almost felt as if I were there. We're planning our relocation for early October if all goes as planned -- I wake up every morning chanting "October, October, October!"

Hope you had a wonderful vacation :)