Monday, November 08, 2010


Today I was at my friends' friends' house and when the muezzin called the prayer call, her dog was outside and started howling like a banshee.  Prayer-call-Dude had an ugly voice (which shouldn't be allowed for such a beautiful purpose), and then PuppinStuff was howling to match it.  Pup's owner was upstairs yellin',  "Would someone PLEASE bring the dog in the house before we all get arrested?."  I couldn't stop myself from laughing my ass off.  My life is so funny that sometimes it is hard to get a handle on it all.

Thanks for making my day!


LorD AymZ said...

lol; i thought ud been hurt when i read the title of the post!

Ow vs. Awwww

Silly english language :P

Abdul Rahman said...

LOOOOL! How crazy! Man vs. Nature: A Shouting Match

Anonymous said...

NewBiznezMan :

I think the Dog is possesed by devel ,becuze hawling too much .When this happens is bad Omen

Anonymous said...

hehe yah youre totally right, the mouazen voice needs to be nice, the guy doing it near my office is great...otherwise its really a shame when you hate hearing it...bleh

Butterfly on the Wall said...

LOL. That's comical! Life is so much sweeter when you're laughing your ass off. We should all be so lucky ;-)