Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Taliban Tactics

MPs eye law change to control female ‘beach-wear ... behavior’

Making waves
Arab Times
KUWAIT CITY, Nov. 29: Islamist MPs on Monday condemned what they say is a noticeable increase in indecent behavior perpetrated by women along the coast of Kuwait. They suggested an additional article to the penal code, allowing coast guards or men to take the necessary actions in order to maintain public order and moral respect.

Members of the Development and Reformation Bloc, MPs Dr Waleed Al-Tabtabaei, Falah Al-Sawagh, Jamaan Al-Harbash and Faisal Al-Muslim as well as MP Khalid Sultan said that women are currently wearing indecent clothing, acting immorally, committing immoral acts.

They added that they have also noticed women getting romantically involved with the opposite gender and singing and dancing in public as well as accompanying their pet dogs to the beaches along the coastal areas of the country.

According to the MPs, they’ve submitted the new amendment to the law in order to prohibit women beachgoers, whether on the main shore or on territorial islands and on beach areas assigned for women, from wearing inappropriate swimsuits, nudity, revealing the chest area and immodest behavior.

Violation of the law is punishable by either imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding KD 1,000 or both.

Liberal MP Dr Aseel Al-Awadhi opposed the suggested law, which fails to touch upon the moral conduct of men and their manner of clothing, saying that it is in clear violation of the Constitution as it intervenes in the personal freedoms of individuals. It imposes an unacceptable guardianship on the people of Kuwait, she added.

“The bill is worded loosely and does not include the MPs recommendations of appropriate swim attire. It could be misused and will contradict personal freedoms allowed by the Constitution,” Al-Awadhi said.

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"They added that they have also noticed women getting romantically involved with the opposite gender and singing and dancing in public as well as accompanying their pet dogs to the beaches along the coastal areas of the country."
1)  Would they prefer that women get romatically involved with members of the SAME gender?  This makes no mention if they are single or married.
2)  "Accomopanying their pet dogs...".  Oh, so I am REALLY immoral.  I do that all the time.  Would they prefer that we walk goats or sheep?  Since when does walking your dog become immoral behavior???
WTF dudes!  Why don't we blast Kuwait back several thousand years?  I have a novel idea:  why don't we track the behavior of MPs?  For example - credit card purchases and travel to say..... Phuket....

Why are women being singled out for behavior?  Has anyone taken a look at the behavoir of the male population?  It's a domestic issue or it's just boys being boys.Why not publish NAMES AND PHOTOS of "eveteasers" (of all ages) - and especially those that lead to traffic fatalities?

Seriously, aren't there more important issues to address in Kuwait?


Anonymous said...

One of those Holy MP's is the one that likes to go to Cancun for springbreak to check out chickies and get some mouth to mouth. Another one of those is the one running to the prison at 4 am to bust out a rapist. Seems like the rapist's just need some psychiatric care and then they will be good boys. The women are the real evil. I guess the only way these guys can be really really religious is to opress women.

Desert Girl said...

I love Aseel Al-Awadhi.

intlxpatr said...

How about posting the names of those accused - or convicted - of abducting and raping women, usually fully clothed? How about taking a look at the winter camps and insuring the males have no female guests to whom they are not related, or (gasp) alcohol? These guys just love blaming the women.

candlestick said...

Or they blame it on Black Magic.
(there were two recent articles in the local paper about black magicians)
Talk about setting the country back a few centuries.

Desert Girl said...

Here's what I don't get, some people talk about the country and its problems and they are fined or jailed. Call it what you will - national security/whatever. Then there are people who are IN the government and strive to ruin the reputation of the country through allowing Kuwait to appear archaic/setting it back 1000 years. They are not penalized.

Black magic: Just the fact that magic is illegal makes you think of the middle ages.

Intlxpatr - I have seen several men masturbating in public in Kuwait. I even brought it to the attention of the police. (They thought it was funny.) I agree - start publishing NAMES. "Flan Al-Flan was seen today spanking his monkey at the XYZ store in Salmiya... His mother and wife could not be reached for comment."

Anonymous said...

its pretty sad to see a country in 2010 going backward instead of advancing when they've got all this money in the world... what difference does it make if a male or a female walk a dog???