Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give me my damn HAMburger!!

Are people that stupid that they had to change the name from HAMburger to BEEFburger? There is no ham (pork) in a hamburger! WTF?! And if there is a stamp on it that it is halal, isn't it a given that hey - there's no pork in it?

According to Wikipedia, the HAMburger was first invented in Hamburg, New York, USABAYBEE. There are several other legends about the origin of the HAMburger, but they all relate to BEEF. Of course, illiterate folks who believe that there is ham in hamburgers probably don't read or do research anyways, so the reference is rhetorical.

Maybe McDonald's made the change a while ago - I dunno; it has been a long time since I've actually eaten a HAMburger in McDonald's. This stupidity has PROVOKED me into posting about it. How retarded. I think I'm going to go mess with them now:

(Desert Girl goes through the McDonald's drive thru...)
'You gave me a beefburger. I ordered a HAMburger.'
"Nooo, sor-ree ma-dam, but it is the same thing."
'Yeah, but I wanted ham in my hamburger and you just gave me beef. That's not right. I want a hamburger....'
(McD staff: blank look, open mouth)

(Yes, I need a life. Shut UP!)

Well, I guess it isn't the dumbest thing I've ever heard: like changing "zipcode" to "postal code" just to ensure that no one felt that their penis was being coded. (I have a code for that, but I'm not telling what it is.)

Hey, let's change all the non-acoholic beer to "malt beverages". I think some manufacturers (maybe Barbican?) are already doing this.

Let's go a step further: nachos. (Translates to "They are having intercourse"). That could be turned into "baked Mexican style corn chips". Regardless, I will always say "nachos" loudly and proudly.

Now I will spend the rest of my day trying to think of more funny words they should change to something else - as not to offend anyone. And I thought the US was the most PC country! Yeh!

ZIPpidy doo da, ZIPpity ae. My oh my what a wonderful day....

This in from a reader (THANKS!)
Confusion between English and American English -- a genuine anecdote:
Two soldiers, an American and a British soldier, are outside smoking and chatting, until the British solider has finished his cigarette and, in the absence of a litter bin, asks the American "what should I do with my fag butt?" - and met with a rather concerned and puzzled look from the American.


Zaydoun said...

And that's why we have Burger Hub and Burger Boutique and Burger Bar.... but never Hamburger Hamlet :-)

NoOoNa said...

Nachos never thought of it like that :P

I once got the "3eeeeeb" look from a Kuwaiti dude for saying Zip Code instead of Postal!

Here is one for you "Miami-Dade"!


Purgatory said...

eh, I never noticed either, not that I eat junk much these days.

Hamburger Hamlet :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah we need to change the states name 'Mississippi'. (My hubbys favorite state of mind by the way) How about Kissimee Florida? Gail

Thursday's Child said...

Oh, and don't forget, you get swine flu from them too! Oh, puleeze!

JeffAtl said...

Desert Girl,

Would like to discuss how to relocate overseas for a job. I want out of the U.S.!!!!