Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sexy Ride (So to Speak)...

Sexy, isn't it?

So, I'm going to Virginia in August. We are meeting up with the fam on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I've never been there. My younger sister has rented a place on the sea big enough for everybody. It should be a lot of girl fun because my older sister and her daughter will be there too. I can't wait.

Today is mother's day in the US and I sent flowers to my mom, my sister's mom-in-law, and my great-aunt. I love flowiz. They love flowiz. We all love flowiz.

Ever felt like your job is sucking the life right out of you? I swearaGod, I feel like all my personality is gone and I am just left with a shell of my former existence. Ok, not that the past 18 months of personal life has been a walk in the park either. The Man is still out there somewhere and God hasn't hit him with a stick yet. (My oracle says - June 2008.) You know what - if you had done it the RIGHT WAY.... ok, nevermind. I digress again....

Celebrate, bitches! To try to de-stress, I had a 90 minute facial (fruit mask) on Friday. It was AMAZING and it only cost 6 kd. (God help me, but whenever I say, "facial" my mind automatically goes into dirty-drive. STOP IT!) New Sheryl's Salon in Salmiya. It is a small place, but clean and nice. La Fem wanted 140kd for 2 sessions of about the same thing (maybe the products were different, but still). WTF? I could throw some veggies in my blender and make about 1,000 masks for 140 KD.

This seems to be a week of Undersecretary fun. Don't ask me why, but I have several friends who are - and they called me at the same time. Why? I don't know; perhaps it is to consult on matters of national security? Tee hee.

And now for some peeves:

  • Why does Linda on FM99.7 always chop the songs off?
  • Why has Kharafi started to do more demolition on my street again?
  • Why hasn't the Crowne Plaza made me feel any better about mouse poop in their food?
  • Why does Sultan Center's JustAsk service cost so much?
  • Why do Egyptian women in 20-year-old-4-door saloon cars cut me off every morning?
Oh - here is a good one: Why can't I find a good gym that I don't have to refinance my invisible house for?? I've been going with the Romanian to check out gyms. The one at the Holiday Inn, Salmiya was good, but unfortunately, a guy from our mutual past goes there and he ranks very high on the scale of "ick and ew" and he'd be in our faces all the time. "Desert Girl, call me..." said with a slimy handshake and very lustfully. Ew. Ick. Go home to your wife, loserboy. Anyhoo, Body Lynn was a smelly dump. The CP has potential, but then again if the kitchens aren't clean, what about the gym? I gotta check Marina Hotel and the SAS again. From what I remember of The Palms, there were just too many picolo-playing poser guys in there for me. You know the kind - Speedo Men. I really do need to find something close to home or I will never go. I checked out Champions in Jabriya, but I know that I'll stop going after a while because I hate Jabriya traffic.

What to do, baba? I tell you what I HAVE been doing: Staying at home on my sofa with my dog and Thai carry-out food.


NoNoWa said...

have u checked out Flex? Its pretty nice and clean too!
And Body Lynn- ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

I dont believe abt the mouse poo in the Crowne Plaza- if u cant find good food in a hotel where can ya? Walla Mc D's is better :)

I was thinking abt using the Just Ask exspensive are we talkin?

Celeste said...

If you're looking for a good workout in a women's only environment, take a free trial at Express Fitness for Women in Hawally. We're at the back right corner of the Hawally Fire Station. 2643050. It's a 30 minute circuit training club with a few extras.

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