Sunday, November 26, 2006

From Slovenia With Love

I can’t believe this. I am still in shock. In a good way.

A few weeks ago, I was (t)asked to go to a trade meeting for Slovenia. I mingled with the delegates – who were all very interested in doing business with Kuwait. I didn’t know nada about Slovenia, but the people in the delegation were incredibly kind and humble and I liked all of them very much. I met with one man who wanted to find agents in Kuwait to represent his high-end crystal company. I commented that a worker in my house had just smashed a crystal vase my sister had given me - and how upset I was - and maybe he if he got things going in Kuwait, I’d buy one of his pieces. I made a few phone calls and found a Kuwaiti investor who is a friend – and very happy to have had the connection. The deal is close to completion. I received some e-mails from the company and I was happy that I could help.

This morning, I’m sittin at my desk in a regularly-foul mood these days and the tea man brings in a big box. I snap his head off (as usual these days) for interrupting me in the middle of whatever stupid thing I was up to that moment. Then, I saw the label on the box. I can’t believe he did this – the crystal man sent me a gorgeous (and no doubt very expensive) vase.

Sometimes I am just blown away by people’s incredible kindnesses. I can’t remember someone – a stranger no less – being so thoughtful and gracious. The tea boy looked totally confused when I burst into tears. I guess he probably thought of me as non-human; God knows sometimes I feel like it. Then, somebody does something like this for me and my faith is restored in humanity.


Purgatory said...

I was happy to read the part about you snapping is head off, then you cried! :P


error said...

! its ok. not all of us have emotions.

ananyah said...

aww that was totally sweet of him!

Aceituna said...

ohhhhhhhhh desert girl...what would I do without you? I sit at work( with a pile of work that I don't even bothering going through to my left) and read your blogs that just crack me up. I think my fiance is even jealous! I keep up with ur blog more than I keep up with him! Keep up the good job, chica. Your blog keeps me busy at work ;) Shukran!

Desert Girl said...

Aceituna: What a nice thing to say. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. If you are putting off work to READ this stuff - I am doing the same thing to WRITE this stuff! :)

abaris said...

I guess the company's name was "Steklarna Rogaska". :)

Greetings from sLOVEnia!

Desert Girl said...

Abaris - I would love to name the company because they were so amazingly kind, but I don't want there to be any problems with the joint venture in Kuwait. I have learned so much about Slovenia - I love that! Thank you for writing.

abaris said...

Allright then... ;)

Have you managed to get a look on the whole delegation?

It was the first time our prime minister brought his new girlfriend on a trip with him. :)


Desert Girl said...

Wow! Kudos to dude! :) I probably saw her, but I don't remember her specifically. I could definately "feel the love in the air". Tee hee.