Monday, November 29, 2004

Either Dying or Killing...

A former colleague died of cancer over the weekend. He was diagnosed only a few months before he passed away. He made friends and mistakes as we all do. Here is what I don't get: the management of the company did nothing in his memory. The day after people found out about it (3 days after his death) and were rightfully in the grief process; the management told the staff, "Stop crying now. It is done."

Do people not GET IT? Has the world become so complacent that people just don't care about eachother anymore? Don't they understand that if they treat people that way, that it will only come back around to get them in the end?I don't work there anymore, but I offered to arrange a small memorial service where his friends could attend and just say a few kind words about the guy. It helps as a form of closure in the grief process.

The time to do it isn't a month from now, but now. Why don't people care? The response I got was, "not now." Okay - WHEN? I only hope that if (God forbid) anything ever happens to me, that people would remember me differently. That just sucks.

Speaking of sucking - I went to see my lawyer last night who has been following my car accident case for the past year and a half. Yes people - that is how long it takes if someone hits you and their insurance doesn't pay the total cost of fixing your car and you decide to sue. My lawyerman told me that it might take up to 3 years to see any results. The kid who hit me was chasing a young lady on an illegal U turn through a red light. He was driving a rental jeep. I later found out that he is a drug user and crashes cars, so now rents. A real outstanding member of society. Once I win my case, I'm going to publish all the dirt on him. My lawyer tells me every single time that I see him that I am gaining weight.

Men, I have some advice: them are fighting words. This, coming from a man who is graying and balding and could stand to lose about 40 kilos (not pounds). If ya aint George Clooney, you shouldn't dish criticism. I'm going to have a good day. I swear.

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Anonymous said...

I know this was an old post, but I feel the need to comment.
What is the world coming to? I often ask myself the same thing. I wonder if we, as humans, actually deserve to be in the position we are in - as the top creature. Anyways, I have been walking through the streets of kuwait for a few days. I hold a heavy heart for the people of this place. Not the citizens but the real people. Then I look at the rest of the world in which I have traveled, is it not the same? Well, my quest for finding some good in people is still ongoing.