Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I hear my neighbor being beaten by her husband every night. What should I do?

(Photo Credit:  The Telegraph The King Khalid Foundation domestic abuse advert slogan simply reads:
'Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together' )

I was on Facebook recently and saw a post in Kuwait (similar to others I have seen in the past) saying something to the affect of, "I hear my neighbor screaming at night.   Many nights.  I know her husband is beating her.  I can hear the children crying.  What should I do?"

My knee-jerk reaction is, ' Call the police, dumbass.'

What shocked me were many of the comments - by WOMEN.  Often advising not to call the police because it would "make trouble."  Fellow women.  Sisters.  Women who might be in the same or similar circumstances someday in their lives who need help.  Woman-the-f-up and do the right thing!

When are people's attitudes going to change?  Especially women's?!

Someone is screaming.  There are children involved.  If it sounds like a beat-down, it's a beat-down.  Call the effing police.

One comment (again by a woman and similar to quite a few others on the post) advised the poster to bake the woman a cake and try to befriend her.  Bake her a cake.  (Allow me to let that sink in.)  Bake her a cake.  Effing ARCHAIC!  Are we in 1940?  You can bake her a cake after the police haul her husband off.  You'll have plenty of time to chit-chat and have cake and tea while her bruises fade and her children get psychological assistance.

I know there are female lawyers and groups willing to help women in Kuwait with domestic violence emergencies, but I personally don't know the emergency numbers (and I'm super-nosy and keep records of this information, so obviously it isn't being publicized enough if it is out there).  Can anyone send me the contact information so when I see these awful posts, I can advise?


xmido said...

Call the police and talk about a woman screaming and children crying. You can call the police for noisy neighbors. I am sure they would like to investigate.

Unknown said...

This is crazy. The more you keep ssushh about such matter the more this is going to happen. I understand this country is sexist and women dont always get the support they need from their family nor the society but you need to woman up for yourself and your kids.

controlled chaos said...

All I know about it here is about a friends husband that almost killed her many years ago. He beat her with a lamp and pieces of it were imbedded in her head. She did manage to go to the hospital and told them she fell down the stairs. So nurses and doctors ganged up on her and started asking sarcastically if she fell down and then back? And what was this white plastic stuff imbedded in her scalp? So she told them. They called the police. What happened was, he was arrested, charged with attempted murder. Then ordered to accept her divorcing him with no contest. The charges were suspended Unless or Until he does anything else to her. Then he is charged with the first attempted murder plus more. He had to provide her with an apartment etc. he ended up hiding all his money and she just couldn’t survive on her own anymore and moved back to the states. The court was all very quick and to the point.

Desert Girl said...

Controlled Chaos - The medical staff probably saved her life. Money isn't everything - especially when you're dead. And this story is probably true of a lot of women who keep quiet about everything - it just escalates and they don't want to tell anyone. But then daddy starts beating up the kids...

AbSa said...

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Desert Girl said...

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DaninKuwait said...

1) Call the police. If it doesn't stop immediately,
2) Call me. I'll go over and have a chat with him.

I've got a daughter. Someday, someone might hear her in trouble. Help this woman because she is someone's daughter.