Friday, February 16, 2018

MP Safaa Al-Hashim – “Expats are opportunistic bacteria”

MP Safaa Al-Hashim – “Expats are opportunistic bacteria”

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 15: MP Safaa Al-Hashim continued her attacks on expatriates at Wednesday’s parliamentary session through the discussion of recommendations contained in 26 reports of the parliamentary committees concerning traffic congestion, environmental pollution, fish demise and others, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Al-Hashim jettisoned deliberation of the parliamentary committee reports on the protection of public funds as regards investigating the sale of companies, shell deal, KGL Company violations, and encroachment on state property. Instead, she focused her contributions on expatriates.

The lawmaker declared that all problems stated in the committee reports were due to the unusual population density. She noted traffic congestion in the country is caused by the abnormal population structure and large number of expatriates compared to citizens.

She continued to describe expatriates as opportunistic bacteria, saying the number of vehicles doubles the population. She reiterated that expatriates have been causing accidents that claim the lives of Kuwaiti children.

She lamented 571,000 driver’s licenses were issued to Kuwaitis compared to 657,000 for expatriates. “Why do the expatriates refuse to use air conditioned public buses and taxis,” she retorted.


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Ok, so I am personally insulted. I’m now being told – by a member of the Kuwaiti Government – that I am “opportunistic bacteria”.  Yes me.  I am an expat.  She must be referring to me.  Or to my friends.  Or to people who live and work in our community.

Once again, this racist, xenophobic person is adding to the divisions in the country when our dear Amir has stated emphatically over time that he wishes unification for Kuwait and all people living here.   I agree with him!  Unify Kuwait and many of the problems work themselves out. Divide it and stagnate.  Then why are MP Al-Hashim’s tirades being tolerate at the top levels of Government?

The term “expatriate” refers to anyone living and working outside their home country.  She has used the term over and over again.  I see no division of the term into categories.  And I am shocked by some well-meaning expats who have come out and said on social media, “I think what she was referring to was domestic helpers (or laborers, or etc..)”  It doesn’t matter what others think she’s referring to:  her statement is in lump form:  Expatriates.  We are a collective virus by her chosen words.

This group includes anyone wishing to come to Kuwait to do business/trade here.  Foreign trade delegations are exempt from being expats because they are only TRYING to become expats in Kuwait; to do business.  To promote the economies of both their country AND Kuwait's.    But once they are here, like all major companies who have expat employees living in Kuwait, those employees are now labeled as “opportunistic bacteria.”  Those engineers building new refineries:  Bacteria.  Doctors:  Bacteria.  Lawyers:  Bacteria.  Educators:  Bacteria.  

Who is bringing the bacteria to Kuwait?  Well… Kuwait is.  There is one side that is saying, “Welcome, expats!  You help our economy.  You help our education and medical systems.  You are welcome here.”  And then there is the MP that is trying to expel the very same people brought in to assist the country;  Oh, and while insulting them at the very same time.

Yes I am angry! 

I helped in the liberation of Kuwait only to be called a “bacteria.”  The “cause of accidents that kill Kuwaiti children.”  Personally, I’ve never killed a Kuwaiti child by car or any other means.  Although I have been put in the hospital after a Kuwaiti (under the influence of drugs and chasing a young woman at high speed with his truck) collided with my car.  I’ve tried to do right by my second home every day for the 22 years I’ve lived in Kuwait (and added to the economy by purchasing Kuwaiti products and services from Kuwaitis).

From my perspective, this MP is doing more harm to Kuwait than me (an expat) has ever done.

Ms. Al-Hashim:  Work on cleaning up public transportation before condemning others trying to get to work!    Get on a bus anonymously and travel around Kuwait.  Get a perspective!!!  It’s not clean.  It’s not safe.  Expats aren’t your problem.


Inrab70 said...

The MP in question is a PHd holder and definitely seems to be a very broad minded. Looking at her track record of hating on expats, im sure she will not be hiring or working with a single bacteria. Even in the companies she owns or runs. That would be hypocrisy. Was reading up on a few peoposals she made to stoping foreign aid, especially for reconstruction of worn torn counrties and instead have kuwaiti companies do it. As per her proposal I wonder how many kuwaitis will be sent to a hostile country to develop it. Im sure kuwaitis are eager to go n start working in a safe country like Iraq. Some how every second image of her that shows up on google seems to be one that shows her frustrated and raging. Feel sorry for her. Hope she finds peace, and spreads it intead of the spite she bringing out to the open. Maybe spend more time in researching and analysing the proposals she makes in the parliament which would help the country(citizens & residents/expats). BTW cant people sue her for reffering to them as bacteria? As in bacteria is something that is associated with disease n stuff can be insulting right? Just wondering...

Desert Girl said...

Thanks for your comment, Inrab. I've known plenty of PHd holders who were azzholes. I don't think you need an education for that. I met her a few times - was not impressed. She came off as haughty and arrogant. I believe through her owned companies she does in fact employ expats ("bacteria"). Sure she can propose to work in Iraq, but most likely, the management will be Kuwaiti and the workers will be.... expats (the ones actually going into war-torn countries). I hope she finds peace too. It would make us all a lot more comfortable. And yes, she can be sued not only for defamation but also under the National Unity Law. To the best of my knowledge, no one has done it yet (I'm still hopeful).

Park venue said...

She studied in USA, I wonder if she was called the same term there would she accept it, then why use in on expats here.
Such Racist rants only harm the country and it's economy as it hurts business confidence.
What ivfounI shocking is that she has 500k followers on Twitter.
The previous issue made up by her regarding the Egyptian national who was brutally injured was terrible, as she told the Government to make sure the expat is paying the bill...many Egyptians came forward and responded to her on social media by posting proof of the bill which the Egyptian person's family paid(180kd) and not the government.that was insane.
And then 3 of her recommendations were rekecteR by a panel i.e to make driving licenses at 1000kd , 500kd to renew for expats and another one was related to healthcare.
Already many expats have sent their families back due to rising costs, anti expat sentiments etc and rental prices have dropped 10-15% due to it. Such racist attacks In long run it will also hurt kuwaitis and not just expats.
A recent article in Kuwait times mentioned many prominent kuwaiti Personalities called on a stop to these racist rant against expats, so most of them strongly disagree with her.
I wonder what those people who support this Mp think, do they really believe kuwaits problems will be solved by punishing expats? Especially when all her recommendations on expat got rejected by the parliament will other unrealistic ones hey accepted in future.
I doubt anyone will come forward to put defamation case against her, as far as I remember by law it's forbidden to use such racist words against anyone.

Kalpesh Ghaghada said...

she shud be suspended from the assembly for a few days to use such words , is she an elected member?

Kalpesh Ghaghada said...

you said it completely rite

Farid said...

Education does not make you a better person. However, teaches you how to be one. In her case education didn't help her at all. anyone all politician are hypocrites. She speaks about expats and most of her stuff are Eygption. She just saying what people want to her. unfortunately, the whole society reminds me of Mississippi Burning or Roots