Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hypocrisy: Expat Bashing Alternative View in the Kuwait Times

Glad to see at least a few people taking an alternate view.

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xmido said...

Why Kuwait need expats:

1. People teaching Kuwaitis are expats.
2. People treating Kuwaitis are expats.
3. People building roads and infrastructure are expats and designed by expats.
4. Kuwaiti law and rules is written by expats and top judges are expats.
5. Government experts are expats.
6. You need expats because they pay rent and buy things which stimulate kuwait economy.
7. You need expats children because they buy things and go to school and stimulate economy.
8. You need expats because most kuwaitis refuse private company jobs. Longer work durations and no benefits and no privileges. Not only worker jobs, I mean normal private company jobs. Most Kuwaitis prefer government jobs. Higher pay and job security and less work. I would take government job if I was national.

Why reducing expats wont help
1. You still need medical professionals
2. You still need professionals at most companies
3. You still need professional teachers
4. You still need workers to build most infrastructure
5. Most Kuwaiti homes has driver, cook and maid.
6. You can't count workers with experts since Kuwaiti need workers/maids/cooks/drivers. But even professional jobs are covered by Kuwaitis. Since they don't like working in private sector.

Stop blaming expats. I used to love Kuwait when I was a kid. I was born and raised here and don't know any other country as well. But I think I grown to not like it anymore. Thanks to your racism every day.

Omani Princess (not Omani...yet) said...

Nice one from Badriyah

Barbara Cristofaro said...

Disclaimer: Totally off topic.

Brazilian (Motherland), Italian, British. Live in Newcastle (North-east of England). My educational history was so complex, having studied at 9 different schools between Brasil and England, and across two different school years - a year, that it took the admissions department at College a year to figure out what to do with me. No one understands me either.

Any who...

I came across your blog via this post:
Guuuuuurrrrllllll!! Gimme some Chabka!!

Life really is a funny and wonderful thing! I work at a language school that takes students from all over the world to study abroad. All with different purposes. Some to improve their English, some to 'get away', others for University, bla bla bla
Somehow this Kuwaiti man that came here to study English for University, 3 and 1/2 years ago is now my live-in boyfriend of 3 years. Although an unconventional (funny) start... I have had the best, the most fun, the most eye-opening and the most confusingly amazing 3 years. And now we're here. 3 years later. I'm graduating this summer, and he's summer 2018. Although not ready to pack my bags and move to Kuwait tomorrow. more and more questions are raised.

I just wanted to share a little bit and reach out! =)

Thanks for that 2012 post!! <3

If I've left you a little curious with this weird confusion of a Kuwaiti man with a Brazilian/British/Italian/Unidentified/Stilltryingtofigureitout of a person that I am... Here's a vid I just edited from a trip to Iceland..