Sunday, November 08, 2015

Unethical Salon Owners

This post happened to a very dear friend of mine by the owner of a new salon catering to Western clients (or local clients wanting a Western stylist) in Mahboula (I think it is Mahboula.  Gee... I'm not sure. Or was it "Mangaf"  Well... one of those M words.   Maybe....).  And for the record -  I will NEVER give my business to that place.

Western salons get more higher paying customers than other salons.  So, salon owners recruit either from abroad or locally for western stylists.  They even ask their assistance in setting up the salon - teaching them the ropes, etc.

Smiles, promises, "I'm your new best friend" kind of shit.

Then... BAM!  You're fired.  You need to leave your accommodation like NOW (7pm on a Friday night, for example).  I don't care if your cat is still in there.  I don't care that I haven't paid you.  I don't care.  (That was my friend's first bad experience in Kuwait.  They told her to get out and get on a plane that night... sure.  Several years later, she got her payout from her lawsuit...)

So, following the (usually illegal terminations).... It's followed up by stylist-friendly ads on forums and places where Westerners frequent - want ads in search of someone to join their "fun, friendly team!"  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Sure.  For 1/3 the price of the person who helped establish the place.

As soon as I hear about this BS, I boycott that salon for forever.  And NEVER recommend it through the blog or anywhere else.  I don't deal with unethical and those who lack integrity.  Karma is going to bite them in the ass.

My friend, Hair Girl, has been through this hot-drop situation a lot in the Middle East.  It sucks.  Other stylist friends of mine have gone through the same thing.  I get all angry-pants every time I hear another one of their stories.  Pisses me off.  Say what you mean.  Mean what  you say.  Abide by your contract and your promises.  If you have a year-long contract:  phucking HONOR IT.

The expat community in Kuwait is small.  And everybody knows that  you go to your stylist not just to get your do did, but to gossip and for some gal-pal therapy.  So... unethical owners... watch your step.  We're already talking about  you.  Girlfraaaaynd!  You want me to dish?  Write to me offline at and I'll tell it like it is!

Some of my Western female friends who have been disparaged this way work out of home.  And you know what - I'm happy to promote them to the best of my ability.  I would rather see money going where it belongs - to the people with the TALENT.

Here are a few of my favorite stylists working from home:

Siobhan - 9728-1683.  I have known this Irish cousin for the past (OMG - can you believe it?!) 18 years.  Great cuts and color.

Connie - 9922-2331.  I wrote about Connie under "Hairytale Ending".

Yolanda wrote in about Tifani  who I just met recently.  Tifani is a wonderful person. Great energy (well ok, how many people have you met from Jamaica who aren't positive energy people?). Tifani had a similar experience when she first arrived to Kuwait and was dumped by a salon.  She also works with a lot of charity organizations in Kuwait if you have anything to give up.  I was going to write something about her because I like her so much and then I decided to write this post and THEN Yolanda wrote to me!  Tifani, I told  you - divine intervention!  Anyhoo...

Yolanda writes:  As a Black female moving to a different area, the first thing you think about is "where can I get my hair done?". Luckily, I bumped into a few friendly people and they told me about Tifani. It's my fifth year living in Kuwait and I have only used her for cuts and relaxers. She does many other things like color and weaves. I've referred many people to her Black and White. I highly recommend her. She'll bring your hair back to life in these desert conditions. Here is her info. +965 5594 2923 

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