Monday, January 27, 2014

Looking for a Forever Home for my Pet Goat, Paco

There are still 2 more months of camping season (until April 1). I'm looking for a home for Paco with other Czech goats after the season.  Maybe he can start a family.  

Paco is an intact, 5-year old, bi-color (1/2 white, ½ brown) male with a friendly, happy temperament.  He's good with other animals.  He probably wouldn't be good in an apartment (although he's quiet).  He likes room to run and kick his heels up (literally). Czec goats like to climb things.  Paco likes to eat raisins.    He smiles when he's happy (as above) and makes noise when he's upset.  If he likes you, he'll quietly follow you around.  He's such a great goat.

Does anyone know anyone with Czech goats in Kuwait?  I would love for him to be with other goats and remember his goat life. Right now, he thinks he's human.  

SIDEBAR:  Czech goats are not good for eating.  Their meat is very tough. They don’t taste good.  Everyone in Kuwait knows this.  Don’t even think about it.


Expat and the City said...

I hope he finds a loving home. Cute little guy!

Faisal Al-Mishaan said...

lol not good 4 eating XD