Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bricks in the Sand?

I haven't been able to blog (for your information, MuslimArtist) because I am workin like a dawg all day (one of the partners is in town) and I'm so sleepy when I get home that I don’t even want to watch dirty movies anymore. I just go to sleep. That is so pathetic and lame.

I dreamt I was digging up bricks in the sand last night. What does that mean? Is it a Kharafi nightmare?

I haven't seen much of Mr. Paris lately, although I am liking him. He's saying the right stuff and it is genuine. My ears are Highly Sensitive Bullshit Detectors and the gauge has been detecting only trace levels.

Ironically, Future Husband and Father of My Children has been showing interest of late (aka "sniffin around"). What is with these guys and how do they automatically KNOW when other men are in the picture? Do they have jealousy radar or what? Why can't they just stretch out the luuuuuve? Why is it peaks and valleys? Am I the only female experiencing this phenomenon?

And then there is yet another man in the picture – totally handsome, yummy, funny, intelligent, etc. (a bowling buddy) – however, he is married and wants me to be Mutaa girl. I told him (in complete seriousness) that I would require a diamond (as in NOT ZIRCON) engagement ring as mahar. He laughed. I told him my ring size. Go forth, young man, to yonder jeweler! Yo – if I'm going to respect his wishes/religion, then damn if he's not gonna have to respect mine. Bada BING.

I think Mr. Paris is the best option. Of course, in 2 weeks, they will have all disappeared again and I will be in another valley because they can't figure out how to properly manage time.

And to make matters really pathetic – I haven't actually had the time to see any of these guys. Desert Dawg is even being neglected. Last night, she jumped into the bathtub; not a hint, but a demand.

What happened to my FUN life? What happened to happy hours and going to get massages and pedicures and hair treatments? What happened to shopping at gourmet shops and sipping wine? What happened to pretty dresses and dancing? Damn. . . this does suck!


Truth Seeker said...

call a waaaaaaaaaaaaambulance! ;-)


bitzer said...

I really, really want to be sympathetic... but I've already forgotten the life that I used to "what happened to...?" about... :p

Oh, and as far as the other guys, it's possible that you're vibin' more happy/content/confident now that Mr. Paris is around and, if so, that might be what's giving it away. Some men, if they feel like you're finding happiness somewhere else, might feel they need to reassert themselves in your life in an attempt to remain the "alpha male." Some men are just asshats who can't manage time or priorities and have no appreciation for the fine art of "bling blingin'." ;)

Jewaira said...

We've missed you . Don't stay away too long again :)

Q8Sultana said...

I really enjoy reading your entries. They are very entertaining. I'm kinda new in blogworld, but your blog was definitely an inspiration to start my own.

Desert Girl said...

MA - Honey, you tha QUEEN of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Bitzer - the alpha dog syndrome: I had forgotten all about that. So true!!!

Jewaira, I'm trying! :)

q8sultana - welcome! I will look forward to reading your blog too. You go!

nazif ali said...

why u lonely sweet u can rty withe me , i am sure u will be happy withe me try withe me sweet babe

Purgatory said...

How do you end up with these people?

Desert Girl said...

How CUTE. I have a masher. He even named a post after my e-mail address. I'm soooooooo flattered.

Just what a girl needs.

Entrepreneur said...

Interesting, you certainly have alot to say about life in Kuwait... considering the copious posts that litter this corner of the web, im puzzled as to when you get the time to actually live life?

Desert Girl said...

Entrepreneur - When I'm not writing about what I'm doing - I'm out doing it. I work full time, 6 days a week and still find time to get myself into trouble! :) As my mom says, "There's a lot to do on a little farm." (Quoting from someone, I'm sure.)