Sunday, May 08, 2005

Married Men & Other Stuff

Married men think it is okay to invite themselves over to your house - even if they don't know you - because they can't go outside for fear of being seen with you. Married men make up about a gazillion excuses as to why they are the way they are: I'm lonely because my wife doesn't understand me/give me what I need/care about me. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa somebody call a waaaaaaaaaaaambulance.

Then, there is my favorite: "I want to marry you too - muttaa." Great, where is my baby blue Ferrari with the kidskin beige interior for my mahar? I'm like, 'hey - is your wife marrying other guys muttaa right now too? Do you think she's like UNDER a temporary husband right about now? OH, forgive me - she's a woman and NOT ALLOWED. That's not a temporary husband she's under - it is just a fu...buddy. :D

"I'm just staying married for the kids." If I had kids, I would never never not ever teach them that it is OKAY to be unhappy. It isn't. Not for any reason when you can change it. Let's be realistic, unhappy-married-men: You are staying because you enjoy a lifestyle. You enjoy surrounded by a family and your kids, yet you still want a little on the side. You want your cake and you want to eat it too. It doesn't happen that way. Once you are unhappy, it permeates your home. Your kids feel it. They think that it will be okay to have the same kind of relationship once they are old enough to marry.

I just had to bitch about that because several of them are making me ill at the moment.

I'm bored. I'm really ready to get on a plane and get back to the US of Hey for a while. I miss my mommy. I miss not having dust in my room. I miss our swimming pool with all the trees around it and the deer that come by to graze at twilight or at dawn. I miss my nefew and his charming wit. I miss my grumpy dad and going to eat breakfast with him at the Silver Diner. I miss having giggle fits with my sister over a few glasses of wine and CHEAP sushi. I miss my brother-in-law's quiet presence around the house; doing whatever man-things he's got on his schedule. I miss the 2 big dogs and the little scamp dog.

And yes, I miss my country where there is sanctity of married people's lives. I miss knowing that when a man tells you he is single, he probably is - for fear of risking alimony payments in a lengthy divorce proceeding, leading way to the division of his shared ASSets.

I miss PITCHERS of margaritas and nachos (I LOVE that word). Nacho nacho nacho. And salsa. In the pool. Nacho in the pool fi Amreeka. tee hee.

Speaking of nachos - Did you know that I celebrated 05/05/05 by circulating an SMS with a picture of a guy's butt and the words, "Happy khamsa, khamsa, khamsa." Gay pride day???? hmmmm.....

I haven't felt like writing for a while. I haven't been able to put stuff into words. It just isn't coming to me. I hope you will pardon my incessant ramblings.


Jewaira said...

Well worth waiting for, that was! Missed your posts :)

SummerQ8 said...

WOW!! DG I miss your sister and mom and your old grumpy Dad and the POOL, and I don't even know you. Have a few fat persian cats and I'm on the plane with you.
My husband has many, many of those miserable married men as friends and they tell him all.
They try to explain how bad it is for them since he can't possible understand their situation. (to them marrying a second wife or a temp wife is a way of divorcing the first without really doing it and also getting sweet revenge on her) These women, they marry, race and have 14 kids, turn into you-know-whats and spend ALL the money so the hubby can't afford to get another wife. Sounds like marriage made in heaven! Gail

Desert Girl said...

It is cool that people actually read this stuff. Makes me feel like less of the shut-in spinster girl that I am.

Gail, ya done fired me up. Now, I'm going to post more about this phenomenon of married creatures...

2 Second Club ® said...

I miss the fact that if I stood outside my apartment, I can see the space shuttle go off from Cape Canaveral.. I miss my 4 am caesar salad cravings at denies, I miss sitting in a movie theater and actually watch a movie (haven’t been to the movies in Kuwait since 1999), I miss going to Altamont Spring mall to get a haircut from my favorite stylist (a Korean lady named Sue), I miss jogging around the lake next to my old campus, I miss my best friend Melissa and her lovely kids, I miss her vanilla coke floats, and her great Cuban coffee, I miss my Albertson’s trips at 3 AM.. I miss how strange people used to come to me in down town and ask if they can have a ride with me in my convertible car.. which I some times don’t mind.. I miss having Jumbo all beef hotdogs from 7/11.. I miss people nodding and smiling to each other when they make eye contact.. I miss drinking suicide shots in Pleasure Island.. I miss dancing Salsa Meringue in Latin Quarter.. I miss scarring people when I order the biggest sushi boat while we are only two people in Amura Restaurant in down town..

I miss being “ME”.. :)

Desert Girl said...

Don, I have the feeling that you will always be you - wherever you go. Someone with a dear, white heart is blessed and will help others.

Want to go to a movie? The cool thing about movies in Kuwait is the caramel popcorn! :) Laila Gallery's cinema is nice - and believe it or not, the audience has seemed to have matured over the past few years. They were quiet and laughed at the appropriate times. Want to go to the States with me? :)

2 Second Club ® said...

Gurl don't tempt me like that to go to the states.. hehehe.. I'm fighting my demons.. :P

If am gonna go to a movies, it has to be somewhere in europe or the states.. I can't stand it when they cut scenes, because they chose for us that we shouldn't be watching them.. F%#K dat