Monday, September 15, 2008

Ramadan Commercials on Showtime

I don't know who is producing these commercials. To be honest, I didn't pay too much attention to them. I think it might be one of the MBC channels out of Dubai. They are running advertisements about the virtues of Ramadan.

The one that caught my attention the other day was a young man driving a sporty red car. He stopped at a traffic light and was eating a banana. An old couple crossing the road gave him a dirty/fierce look. I saw this ad several times and thought, 'Yeah - typical young guy who doesn't care about Ramadan and is breaking his fast.' (Probably because of my recent experiences.) Honestly, I didn't get the point because I too (like the old couple in the ad) was judgmental. Ok, it might also be because the ad is in Arabic and I wasn't paying close attention. Then, I finally watched all the way through (it is only 30 seconds - you would think that my attention span would last as long as that!); and noted that the young character was rushing through traffic to donate blood to someone at a hospital.

As my recent psychic adviser, Ron, said, "You almost never cry, but give you a sappy commercial or a movie and you're blubbering like a baby." Yup. So true.

I LOVE those ads. I wish KTV would run ads like that on what the true spirit of Ramadan is about.

If anyone has links to these commercials (maybe on YouTube or whatever), would you please send them to me, so I can post them?


Purgatory said...

I had something else in mind when I started reading this.

Jewaira said...

Will look out for those