Monday, February 12, 2007

Snuggle Bunny, Where Are You?

I haven’t been sleeping well. I don’t know what is wrong with me (lacko’nookie) but I wake up constantly (lacko’nookie) and I’m having weird dreams (lacko’nookie) all night long. I’m also kind of feverish (lacko’nookie) and when I wake up, my hair looks like I actually got some nookie – all witchy and scary looking. And yet, sadly, I have nothing to be happy about looking that way. Sigh.

Speaking of scary, there is a certain man that I know who is scared silly of me. I know the irrational paranoid-schizophrenic delusions his mind has created to justify it all, yet still – why the antics? BOO! One of my Kuwaiti girlfriends told me that I make men nervous because I have a strong personality (‘Say my NAME, bitch!’). If they only knew. Anyhoo, this man won’t come within a mile of me now and I believe it is because he is afraid of upsetting the she-devil. He will wish I was there after whatever the Bedu psychic foretold will happen in June of 2008.

Last night was Bobarino’s birthday bash at Sakura (the home of the BEST sushi in Kuwait). I was really hungry and yet I didn’t feel well. We had a good time even though there were no male strippers or alcohol. Bummer.

Speaking of strippers… I can’t believe Anna Nicole is gone! I loved her. Ok, so she was a train wreck, but she was such a slice of Americana. What a tragedy. Did you see the way her boobs stuck up when they wheeled her into the morgue on the gurney? Do you think they had a special celebrity red chenille blanket to drape famous-people bodies in? Anyways, I seriously feel a loss because I loved to find out what was happening in her life. I feel remorseful whenever another blonde with big boobs passes away (unless they live in Kuwait and then I’m not so remorseful because there are just too many of them here now).

VALENTINE’S DAY!!! I LOVE Valentine’s Day. Next to my birthday, it is my very favorite holiday. I love all things Valentine. Love it, love it, love it. I used to get nice, sentimental gifts on Valentine’s day. I suppose those days are gone. (Heavy sigh, pain in my heart.) Ree-ru (ancient history fiancé) gave me a very cool bunny holding a heart one year with ears that moved back and forth and a nose that wiggled. I love bunnies. I think that was the most amazing, thoughtful thing; and so cheap and simple. See, that’s just it – big things are nice to receive, but simple thoughtful things stay in your heart/mind. It wasn’t the jewelry, the cars, the trips, the money… it was that damn bunny that I still have in my sister’s basement that I remember the most.

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Purgatory said...

I was going to comment on Sakura, but once I got to the end and saw bunnies, I could not :P